Tales of the expected

The link below might explain why I’ve been a little quiet on here recently and why my pitching hasn’t been going as smoothly as I would have liked. 

Take a look:


It’s not the full story, but this is the sort of stuff I’m having to deal with every day. I don’t really think it needs much explanation. As well as staring for hours at stuff like that I’m trying to think up suitable pitches for Star Trek magazine, Scottish Memories, The Sign (a C of E parish magazine that, brilliantly, costs 5p a month), Sea Angler, Sea Breezes, Sewing World and so on

The whole thing (the whole experiment that is, if you could call it that – which you can’t) is making me a feel a bit unbalanced – which I quite like – but it’s also making me feel that it’s a complete waste of time. Seriously, am I ever going to write for Your Dog or Woman Alive or The War Cry? And if not – and I won’t – then what’s the point? Is the point just to walk around like a plum telling anyone who is foolish enough to listen that I’m pitching 642 magazines? I mean, really, who cares?

I am then, on the verge of packing it all in and going back on the bins. I won’t pack it all in of course because I’m stubborn, and an idiot, and I get a kick out of the idea of writing a feature for Your Dog. I also think there’s something worthwhile to be said, I’m just not sure what yet. So I probably won’t quit,  but I’ll be on the verge of quitting the whole time, which is a great deal worse but should make the whole experiment (if you could call it that) much better.

I’m going to post more regularly from now on because I’ve been getting a lot of hate mail from people saying that this blog is the only thing that gets them up in the mornings and without a regular dose of it they’re nothing but husks. I appreciate that. But the reason I haven’t posted for a while is because I kept promising an update, and the reason I didn’t post an update is because there was nothing to update anyone about, and the reason for that is the link near the top of this post.


One response to “Tales of the expected

  1. Whats with http://www.twns.co.uk/ ? Is there an article of yours?

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