Getting motivated

Getting motivated can be tough. You’ve seen me, you know what I’m about. I’m about dodging work and saying I’m going to do certain things and not doing them and generally not having the motivation or skills to see this project through. But I’ve undergone a bit of a sea change in my thinking and, if you had seen me earlier today, you would have seen me craft a four sentence long letter that has been sent (so far) to eight magazines. These magazines included Horse & Hound, Hortus, Housebuilder, Diver Magazine, Electrical Review and Snooker Scene. Out of the eight, two emails didn’t reach their targets, but out of the remaining six, two eds have already replied saying that they like the look of me, encouraging me to pitch more fully and giving one or two writer’s guidelines. 

God, what an arresting opening paragraph. I may well be the new Boz. But, I do have a point to make. The point, is that this morning has given me a fair amount of encouragement: if I send off my four sentence long email to another 100 places, I can expect a success rate of around 25% – perhaps a bit more. “Success rate” in this instance, meaning opening up new markets that I could potentially write for. This sliver of encouragement has also made me see the industry in a fresh light: there is a lot of work out there and some of it pays pretty well (one of the six publications is talking about 40p a word), but you have to hunt for it, and you have to be able to write a killer four sentence email. 

Now watch as I send this “killer” email to another 100 places and I’m either ignored or told to go and do something to myself. By that, I mean told to go fuck myself, but you probably didn’t need the clarification.


8 responses to “Getting motivated

  1. Pitchingtheworld t-shits? Sorry, t-shirts. I’d like one.

  2. Oh yes, T-shirts! That’s a great idea Bingo. I’d buy one. Or maybe even lots?

    Could I suggest a potential slogan? It’s just a thought, but I liked your wife’s comment “That was my beetroot.” Still makes me chuckle.

    Of course you’ve provided your share of snappy quips too, PitchingtheWorld. One might like to emblazon one’s breast with gems such as “A Good Egg”, “Making God Laugh”, “Raw Deal 2: Rawer Deal” and a personal favourite, “There’s no way the pie charts won’t happen”.

    What does one think?

  3. Ah yes, the pie-charts! Thought we’d forgotten about them did you? Think you can slip one past us hey?

    I demand to have a pie-chart – preferably on a t-shirt.

  4. Ah yes, the pie charts. I’m working on them now. Unfortunately, I’ve just realised that I don’t really know how to do them on this half-stolen computer of mine (theirs), so I’m having to draw them out by hand. It’s quite painstaking and I don’t even have a compass. However – and this is the best bit – once they’re completed I’m going to take a picture of the pie charts and somehow get it up here. Trust me, when they go live they will blow a few minds.
    Also: where’s this t-shirt stuff come from? Who cares, I like it. Unfortunately, the likelihood of a man who has to draw pie charts on scrap bits of paper and then take photos of them in an attempt to impress or satiate his readers is unlikely to have the wherewithal to begin a clothing empire.
    Leave it with me though. Unless one of you two or another reader is in the t-shirt business, in which case I’ll leave it with you.

  5. Just reading this post makes me feel motivated. So much so I’ve exhausted myself and am off for a lie down.
    Again, you a hero to us all.

  6. We need to see these four sentences.

  7. The t-shirts idea came from my head pitchingtheworld – you’re not the only one who has good ideas you know.

    We could start a bidding war for the magical 4 sentences:

    I start the bidding at 1 pound sterling.

  8. This bidding war has gone nuts! Ta Bingo. The four sentences, Dominho, are out there doing good work still but I’m not ready to share them just yet. Think I’ll send them to another hundred or so publications first.
    They’re really not that good though. Or are they?

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