Big Country

Today my four line wonder invaded seven countries: the Country Gentleman’s Association, Country Homes and Interiors, Country Life, Country Living, Country Smallholding, Country Walking and Countryman. In case you’re not up to speed and wondering what the hell “my four line wonder” is, then I suggest you read yesterday’s post. If you’re not up to speed and wondering if this blog gets any good: it doesn’t.

So far, only one of the countries has replied, saying that they were “always interested interested in new writers, particularly of your pedigree”. Pitchingtheworld didn’t know that he had pedigree. Out of yesterday’s batch they’ve pretty much all replied and apart from one of the kindest rejections I’ve ever received, they’ve all said that they have the budget to hire freelancers and have encouraged me to pitch more thoroughly. Because of the varying nature of the magazines – on diving, architecture, climbing, snooker, insurance etc. – I feel on the verge of cracking what I set out to do with this project when it started in late September. I think what I set out to do (I was a little heady at the time) was get published in more (and more esoteric) magazines than anyone else in the country. I also wanted to keep occupied. And learn stuff. And perhaps say something about the state of journalism. Perhaps I’m starting to do all of these things. And perhaps the state of journalism isn’t as bleak as many people seem to think it is. If one four line email (a four line wonder, if you like) sent to ten magazines can provoke eight promising leads and a relationship, however slight, with eight different editors then the future might not be so bad.

Of course the future will be so bad. The above post is quite poorly written and if I’ve ever had any writing skills then they’re clearly evaporating. It seems to be the pitchingtheworld way: get yourself into a spectacular position, and then spectacularly flap it up. Oh well.


3 responses to “Big Country

  1. If you changed ‘line’ to ‘inch’ and took the o,r,i and e out of ‘countries’, you’d have a much more arresting opening clause. I only mention this because 1 post and 0 comments in 6 days isn’t the sort of high-octane action we’ve all grown to know and love in these parts. I can’t help but think that is is a direct result of me not posting one of my terse little nuggets of funny in a while. Totalitarian THAT shit.

  2. Yeah I know, I’ve been slack this past week as have my readers. A lot on, you see. Keep this sort of stuff coming though, fake Boz. I like it.

  3. Christopher Goodfellow

    I was going to write something about this on, but I don’t have it in me to proof read this morning. And I feel like I can get away with typos here.

    My reply rate is much, much lower than that. Although I think that might have something to do with the publications I target. It’s also probably because my pitch letters aren’t as good. Lets see one of yours pitches pitching the world?

    Saying that, I’m making more money this month than I have since I started this gig, so it’s not all bad. Diversification was the key, I’m writing some advertorials and working on-site writing market analysis for a few weeks.

    Also, nepotism rules.

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