Cat World

Okay, a better writer might have titled this post “Pitching the Cat World”, but I’m not that gifted. Or that corny. Actually, I am that corny. But, yes, Cat World is being pitched today. In the Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook (which continues to haunt me) I’ve written something next to the “Cat World” entry. I’ve written “Mice”. Good, isn’t it? Although in actual fact I haven’t just written “Mice”. If I had just written “Mice” I might be in with a chance of pitching something worthwhile. It could be that I knew something about mice and their relationship with those in the cat world that few other people did, and I could have pitched something to “Cat World” about some cutting edge mouse research that could have made an interesting article. Perhaps.

But I didn’t just write “Mice”. I wrote “Mice?”. As if the idea of writing something, anything, about mice for “Cat World” was a good one and warranted writing down “Mice?” next to the “Cat World” entry in the Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook. This was two months ago and I can’t say that my thinking has improved since then. Indeed, a few moments ago I was idly flipping through the W&A etc. (I say “idly flipping through” yet I was nowhere near as cool as I make out. I was going through it in a panic, wondering where my next bit of beetroot was coming from), noticed the “Cat World” entry and my spirit was immediately lifted by seeing “Mice?” next to “Cat World”. This could be something, I thought, this must have been an idea I’d had sometime ago about mice that could fit in “Cat World”. Alas, it wasn’t. I wracked my brain and remembered writing “Mice?” sometime ago and seem to remember that was all I had thought at the time. Just “Mice?”, no more.

Pitching the World is four months old and I’d be astonished if it reaches its five month anniversary. Still, I’ll keep plugging away for at least a couple more weeks. Tomorrow: Dog World.


6 responses to “Cat World

  1. You could write about famous cats, like Cat Stevens, Cat Deeley, sCATman Crothers, CATthy Bates and TopCat. Maybe even do a bit on TopCat vs Dangermouse. Maybe not, that might be more of a FRONT thing.

  2. Mice one, pitchingtheworld.

    What have you written next to Dog World in the W&A etc.? Cats?

    Inspiring stuff though. Perhaps your mouse question is more apt than you realise: with the right cat, the existence of mice would indeed need to be questioned, and only those with a rubbish cat would write simply ‘mice.’ With your article you could distinguish between cats that leave their owners saying ‘mice’, and those that leave them saying ‘mice?’ The ‘mice?’ cats are far superior, obviously.

  3. If you come up with something good involving mice for Cat World, you’ve straight away got a good concept for Dog World, just change mice to cats, and cats to dogs.

  4. Good ideas, all. Especially you samjleach. And you Bingo. And Alan.
    Bingo, you’ve hit on something there, and I’m tempted to propose a feature called “Is your cat rubbish?” or maybe even “Is your cat shit?” if I’m feeling particularly heady. I imagine I will be.

  5. Obviously, you’re going to be roadtesting different “fake mouse” cat toys to see which provides the most realistic experience for cats. If you’re really good, you’ll get three cats who actually look a bit like Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and the other one to do the testing… thus providing the all-important mid-market magic combination of useful consumer-oriented text with cheekily cute picture accompaniment.

    Actually, forget I ever mentioned it. I’m going to pitch it myself.

  6. Obviously Dominho. It’s a splendid idea – perhaps you could forget that you’d ever mentioned it and I’ll pitch it myself.

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