Pie Charts

Finally. After weeks of broken promises and inertia on my part regarding the pie charts, they are finally here. In truth, they’re not really up to much. I got a bit carried away earlier this afternoon after hearing from my previous employers that they’ve very generously – and graciously – allowed me to keep the computer that I half-stole from them. Inspired by this and as a way of becoming more familiar with some of the programs on my new computer, I set about creating some pie charts that I hoped would give an indication of my progress so far. 

Here is the first one:

Pie Chart

Now, you’ll see that there are some problems with this. I’m not particularly happy with the visual aspect, and it doesn’t really tell the Pitching the World reader very much at all. Or perhaps it does. Perhaps it brilliantly sums up my attempts so far and the quality of this blog in general. In case you’re wondering, the “Maga” part in the key was me halfway through writing “Magazines”. I thought the key on the side might explain what the segments related to, but halfway through writing “Magazines” I realised that a pie chart might not be the best way to record my progress so far. So I gave up.

But I didn’t give up for very long. It occurred to me that a large chunk of my readership had been looking forward to these pie charts for some time and I didn’t want to let them down.

So I gave it another go:

Pie Chart 1

I felt that my second attempt at a pie chart conquered the colouring in of the segments quite effectively, but overall it lacked the edginess and character of my first attempt. Plus, I didn’t even begin to attempt some sort of key, which suggests, to me at least, that my enthusiasm for displaying my progress in the form of pie charts was waning. 

Perhaps, then, there is a better way of charting the Pitching the World experiment. I’ll get thinking. There will definitely be a progress report shortly as I’m compiling a load of information for a 2,000 word piece I’m writing for the British Journalism Review. It has to be filed by the weekend. If they’re unfortunate enough to stumble upon this post, they may rescind the commission. So, please, don’t tell them about the above. Thanks.


21 responses to “Pie Charts

  1. By the way, I’m available for graphic design work if any readers are after something quirky. I’m not cheap, but I’ll get the job done.

  2. This is the nuts pitchingtheworld, just what I’ve been waiting all these weeks for. A bit of depth, a bit of insight, a bit of intellectual rigour. Keep it up cocker.

  3. Despite having a mini-crush on you, PTW, I must say these are particularly crap pie charts. My 4yr olds could do better and are probably cheaper (unless your going rate is also a sherbet dib dab?)

  4. Are you sure they’re crap Tracey? Bingo reckons they’re the nuts. Perhaps you’re just looking at them in the wrong light. Have another look: they get better.

  5. Your pie charts are actually a great deal more visually exciting than mine. I like the first one a lot. The second one makes me feel uneasy but that may just be the result of forty coffees, three packets of cigarettes and the test pattern that has been on the television for the last three hours.

  6. Greetings PTW… long time listener first time caller and all that jazz – been desperately wanting to pepper your comments with witty witticisms but its rather intimidating with the calibre of your missus and this mysterious Alan character. And of course, the cunning linguistic ability of your fine self. Although there have been moments when I have suspected Alan might just be your fine self under a pseudonym attempting to drum up some hype. I’ve heard about your compulsive traffic stats checking.

    Speaking of your missus, can you please upload a picture of HER pie chart for your dedicated reader base? I think its permancy and position speak volumes when trying to quanitfy the progress of this experiment.

    Also, as the indirect catalyst for this here experiment (see: stoned in Darwin, first post) and an enthusiastic advocate when it was unveiled in it’s infancy over eggs in Bronte beach, I would like to know if I’m eligible for a cut of the beetroot? At 40p a word I’ve calculated this solitary comment could buy a plot of Beetroots just outside Berry, Australia.

    That is all.

  7. This is brilliant stuff, Pitchingtheworld. We finally have something to put on the t-shirts other than the word ‘rewrites’ in big letters, or a picture of you smoking fags. I’ll get another 6000 printed up. Do the red bits represent how much you love me? Or does the whole thing represent just how much you love pie charts?

  8. That’s not really David Thorne

  9. Have another look you say? I’ve been staring at the bastards all night. They have psychedelic properties. Really tripping my face off I was. That ‘maga’ bit was totally doing my nut in – it started talking to me.

    It told me that PTW was a genius, and that these pie-charts are not at all crap, and that they’re just ahead of their time.

    Freaked me right out. But I’m okay now.

  10. I like them very much PTW. An abstract artistic representation of you lifestyle and endeavours, not a simple mathematical division of your achievements. Bravo!

  11. I wonder what the pie-charts did to Boz?

  12. Yes it is the real David Thorne. You’ve been away along time Alan, I don’t shine shoes no more. This is the sort of company that I keep now, the David Thorne’s of this world. But yes, speak to our t-shirt contact – do we have one? If not, get one – and order an initial run of 10,000. Boz said that he’d front the cash.
    And Boundy – how splendid to hear from you. We can set up a beetroot plot together. I don’t think I need to point out that PTW is fast becoming an empire, a beetroot and t-shirt based empire. Who needs to write for a living when you’ve got a t-shirt and a bit of beetroot? Not me.

  13. Oh, and glad you’re feeling better Bingo.

  14. Okay PTW, on your advice I took another look and you’re right, they are the nuts.
    However, I have just ingested an absinthe-soaked doughnut which may have swayed my opinion somewhat.

  15. Thanks PTW, I’m feeling better than ever. Alongside t-shirts and beetroot to make a living, you should go into the psyche-healing business.

  16. I don’t want to sound discouraging or anything… but, beautiful as your pie charts are, perhaps it’s a little telling that there seems to be an awful lot more enthusiasm for them than for anything you’ve actually, er, written? Just, you know, with you being a writer and all.

  17. Well, Dom, Pitchingtheworld isn’t just a writer, he’s an artist. A bit like a painter/decorator. Except a painter/decorator makes money and usually runs a slightly more popular blog. Also, a picture’s worth a thousand words. Or is that an action? If you had an action-y picture, like one of a man halfway through doing a star-jump or something, that would have to be worth at least a million. I myself have spent the better part of the working day drawing pictures of pitchingtheworld in all kinds of exciting (sometimes positively racy) poses. My colleagues did not need a million words to describe them though, only a brief ‘that’s shit’. There goes your ridiculous theory.

  18. If this place continues to be such a god damn graveyard, I’m going to be forced to to start using it as an outlet for my journalistic tribulations in trying to count all the pubes in my sink (I’m already up to 17, so there’s a LOT of golden material piling up). I’ll call it http://www.pubingthesink.sinkpress.pube. PLEASE just do the right thing, put myself, Bingo, David Thorne, Tracey, Dom, Boundy, X-ie, and most of all Boz out of our misery and update with some more visual comedy.

  19. Here, here Alan (or is it hear, hear? never quite managed to resolve that one).

    Although I am now convinced, more than ever, that you are actually Steve posing as a commentator in order to toy with your popularity metrics, you make a valid point.

    A record rally of comments and similarly, a record pause between pitch the world mutterings. Some sort of positive correlation? Is our collective adoration and wit intimidating Mr Beetroot? Should we start a mutiny and create a series off off-shoot blogs of our own?

    PTW, you have 24 hours to rectify the situation.

  20. Ooh, I like Cath Boundy! She’s so… stern!

  21. Everything you say is true Boundy, except the Alan stuff. I’m not Alan. Even Alan isn’t Alan.
    You’ll be pleased to hear that the situation has been rectified, though not quite within your (stern) time scale.

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