I’ve been preparing for P-Day. Despite what you may be thinking, P-Day isn’t where I spend the whole day pissing (although this is precisely what I’d like P-Day to be) rather it’s the day when I knuckle down and start pitching like a mad thing.

Yes I’ve said this before, but two things are going in my favour. One, I’ve given it a name – names help. More importantly, in a breathtaking display of stupidity (bravery) I’ve quit my job, allowing me the necessary space to execute P-Day successfully. Actually, there’s a third reason: I’m stupidly (bravely) moving down to Boscombe for a month. Screw Paris, there’s too much to do there. Bar dodging the scallies there’s not much to do in Boscombe except to pitch and write. Oh, we’re all writers and pitchers down here. “But you’re broke, you’re always bloke, you’re nothing, where in Boscombe will you live?” I hear you cry. “In my Nan’s dining room” I cry back, then cry.

Sexy, aren’t I? As a 35 year old man, living in your Nan’s dining room is definitely the sexiest thing you can do. It’s especially sexy if you’re writing a book that’s unlikely to get published and you’ve stupidly, not bravely, quit your job. But sometimes you have to give up the good to go for the great as I (not John D Rockefeller) have always said. Besides, Dorset has a rich literary history: Robert Louis Stevenson, Thomas Hardy and John Fowles have all written their finest work here and all have done so – surprisingly – from their Nan’s dining rooms.

Expect P-Day to start in about a week. I’ve decided to pitch at least 40 magazines a day until I’m done. That the phenomenon that is Pitching the World is around 18 months old and I’ve probably pitched no more than 40 magazines in total is no way an indication that I’m going to fuck this up. There’s no way I’m going to regret this. No way.



8 responses to “P-Day

  1. Thank god for that. I thought for a minute there that Puff Daddy had changed his name again.

  2. I wish I had a Nan with a dining room in Dorset.

    Good luck Pitchy, I think this one’s a goer.

  3. Pitchboy,
    Stevenson, Hardy and Fowles wrote in their Nans` Dining Rooms? . . . . . . a whopper?

    Bet they weren`t sleeping on the floor though.

    I can just see the entry in The Oxford Book of Quotations;
    “Sometimes you have to give up the Good to go for the Great”
    John D. Rockefeller and Pitch T. World (occasionally)

  4. buena suerte!*

    *check out those Spanish skills!

  5. Boscombe, what a place! I have been reading your blog since 7am this morning and finished an hour ago. I am now watching Hot Tub Machine, awful movie, and my mind drifted back to your Cat Stevens pitch. Great idea. Why not share your cat? I have a cat to share… did you ever get a response to that story? Also, Boz kept making me laugh, and imagined this whole blog as a tv show. Oh dear. Where did Boz go?

  6. Pitchy,

    Good luck. Another brave leap. I’ve never been to Boscombe. Maybe you can upload some photos!

    I’ll buy a copy of your book when it’s finished

  7. Thanks everyone.
    Good to have you here Lisa – and better still that you raise some interesting questions. Unfortunately I don’t know what happened to Boz but reckon he’ll swan/crash back in at some point. And I don’t know what happened to my Cat World pitch, only that I didn’t send. Perhaps I should. Perhaps they’ll love it. Or maybe I did send it; I’m very forgetful these days.
    You reading my not-at-all-award-winning blog for six hours on a Sunday (a Sunday!) has made me very happy, especially with Hot Tub Time Machine waiting.
    Chris, you should come to Boscombe. Everyone should, it’s delightful.

  8. Boscombe! Steady on. We were all following you to Paris last week

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